Loneford & Guardhouse Area Quest

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Re: Loneford & Guardhouse Area Quest

Postby only1doug » Fri Aug 09, 2013 7:12 am

mail across your save file and i'll have a look if you like, i'll PM you my e-mail addy
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Re: Loneford & Guardhouse Area Quest

Postby positive » Fri Aug 09, 2013 8:14 am

positive wrote:I have new thougths, but I'm cautious to consider any of them a bug. :) What do you think about them?

Since the Duleian road has been opened in v0.7.0, any low level character can reach Loneford without a fight, thus it is possible to accomplish the Flows through the veins quest, where fighting is also not neccessary. The quest completition gives a very huge amount of experience (15.000), and makes possible that the character can achieve many (at least 5-6) level ups in an instant. (I do not know and find the exact necessary experience for the different levels.) Before v0.7.0 the larval burrowers (south from Crossroads Guardhouse) weren't allow such a leap. I know it is very very unlikely that someone finds Loneford and completes the quest without any hint, but it is definitely possible. Although I took the advantage of it :D, I think that a blocking monster should be set somewhere on the Duleian road also.

2. After the Flows through the veins quest has been completed I can continue to talk about the illness with many npcs. (e.g Minarra in the tower) I promised to Buceth that I keep the secret, so it is not necessary illogical, but weird. (This is like in Foaming Flask Tavern about Rincel after the Uncertain cause quest, and many others.)

3. After I completed The path is clear to me quest, I asked Minarra about the trade. She directed me to Gandoren, but I couldn't talk to him in this topic until the Feygard errands quest hasn't been started (maybe finished). Even if he refused the trading possibility, there should be an option to talk about it.

4. I made a mistake. I promised to kill sheeps, and started the Cheap cuts quest, but I don't want to kill them anymore, since I have talked to Tinlyn and seen those cute litte sheeps. :lol: I cannot tell to Benbyr that I changed my mind, and the quest is remain in "In progress" status. :roll:

Nobody? :roll:

5. There are four different frantic forest wasps. Why don't they have a prefix (giant, tough, young, ...) in their names?

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