Andor's Trail Project Meeting #49

Official news about Andor's Trail.
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Andor's Trail Project Meeting #49

Post by sdevaney » Tue Jun 17, 2014 5:27 am

Andor's Trail Project Meeting #49
Date: 2014-15-06
Present: Scott Devaney (sdevaney), Stephen Stalnaker (ctnbeh13), Ian Haase (Ian), Kevin Pochat (Zukero)
Guests: none

1. Project management
This chapter is focusing on the team, the community, the tools, the process.

1.1 News/Events
A list of facts that occurred since last meeting. This is where we can report events like availability of new tools/processes for the dev team. The result of work achieved can be announced here.

We are trying out this new document template. We hope it’ll help us during our meeting, as well as enhance readability for the community.

Ian created a thread to keep track of areas reserved in the worldmap for in-the-works content:

1.2 Discussed in the meeting
Before the meeting we can raise the points we want to discuss in this section, eventually providing links. Below each of these points, we summarize the opinion of each present member on the topic. Someone that will miss the meeting can still provide his opinion this way so that the others know when the meeting comes. The conclusion of each discussion is given in one of the next three sections.

We should change our agenda document to this new template.
- Kevin: Document tried for the first time today. Let’s see how it goes.

Guidelines/process for content submission:
- Stephen: Try to come up with a draft edited collaboratively by the team, then publish on the forums.
- Scott: Agreed on content submission process need. Make it as a Google Doc for now, until reviewed and agreed by all the team.
- Ian: So far, incoming contributions have high quality. Keep encouraging contributors, and help them fix the issues they can have.
- Kevin: Ok, but focus on content inclusion process without cutting incoming contribution streams/media.

So what should we change to enhance content submission?
- Send contributors feedback when their content is discussed in the meeting, by sending them link to meeting report in the submission thread.

1.3 Questions for the community
When we decide on asking the community about something we discussed, we reference the question here, along with a link to the related topic/poll.

1.4 Call for vote
In this section we open team-wide polls, which must be answered before next meeting, and will automatically lead to an entry in the "Decisions taken" section in the next document. They can either be asked in the document before the meeting, or asked during the meeting for questions which require reflection and/or documentation before answering.

Switch to the document template proposed by Kevin ?
For: Kevin
No opinion:

1.5 Decisions taken
After a vote or mutual agreement during the meetings, we document here what we are setting in the stone.

Write a document about content submission and acceptance process.

2. Game System
This chapter is focusing on the game rules, the code capabilities... basically the game design. New features like sortable inventory are discussed here. Same inner layout and function as chapter 1.

2.1 News/Events

2.2 Discussed in the meeting

Under-used faction points :
We need to complete the code regarding this matter to use faction points as requirements for dialogues and map areas. Faction points will be very valuable when releasing Nor City and Feygard.

Replace area enhancement, to handle game objects area (key area, mapchanges, spawn areas…):
This would give more flexibility to the content. Was developed but got forgotten somehow. It shall rise again !
Due to that we can finally remove the thief in Fallhaven’s prison and clear the rats away in the storage cave north of Crossglen.

We need to add some more authors to the Google Play change list for the next version (Moerit,...)

2.3 Questions for the community

2.4 Call for vote

2.5 Decisions taken

Faction points as requirements will be implemented for v0.7.3
Merge replace areas enhancements for v0.7.3

3. Game content
This chapter focuses on quests, maps, dialogues, skills, NPCs, the storyline... Same inner working as chapter 1 & 2.

3.1 News/Events

Latest launchpad translations, as well as new strings.xml and strings_about.xml for polish version (thanks DanielS) included in google code repo, branch master.

“Arulir Mountain” by Moerit going forward:

Ian is working on a fix for the Blackwater Mountain. With this fix the mountain can be finally put in the world map. Now, only the worldmap.xml displaying the in-game world map has to be changed.

Ian works on a fix for the mountaincave and tries to fill small areas in the world map.

3.2 Discussed in the meeting

“Hidden Village” by Raner:
Looks good, but it’s very ambitious for a first project. Let’s hope he can deliver something playable.

You’re doing great man, good job! Continue your great work.

3.3 Questions for the community

3.4 Call for vote

3.5 Decisions taken

4. Bugs
This is getting pretty obvious huh ?

4.1 News/Events

Bugfix for loot bag dropped on mapchange areas is now available on the google code repo, under master.

4.2 Discussed in the meeting

4.3 Questions for the community

4.4 Call for vote

4.5 Decisions taken

5. Miscellaneous

5.1 News/Events

5.2 Discussed in the meeting

Independent project Twinsprite: ... &start=280
Kevin: Pretty neat, and fine words from them about Andor’s Trail, but I suspect a GPL violation. I’ll contact the post’s author about it.

5.3 Questions for the community

5.4 Call for vote

5.5 Decisions taken

6. What's next ?
This chapter details our current roadmap, and, if nothing happens between two meetings, can be copied over from one doc to the next one.

6.1 Planned team members activities
Each team member details what his/her plans are before next meeting. Like a ToDo list.

6.2 Current plans for next version(s)
Details of the release roadmap. What we plan to include and when.

v0.7.2 release planned for July 2014.
Will include the Elythara quest, the Lodar shortcut, and 6 small quests for low-level players in the Crossglen/Fallhaven area.

v0.7.3 will include new areas Stoutford and Arulir Mountains.
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Re: Andor's Trail Project Meeting #49

Post by Zukero » Tue Jun 17, 2014 12:19 pm

Just a quick note, the ToDo list (section 6.1) is empty, but that's just because we ran out of time during the meeting to write it, not because we plan on slacking off for the next two weeks :P

For those of you who read these reports frequently, don't hesitate to comment on the new format !
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Re: Andor's Trail Project Meeting #49

Post by Duke » Tue Jun 17, 2014 1:36 pm

I'd say that this format should really help those holding the meeting to better streamline the workflow process and for us in the community at large, I find it very well laid out and easy to follow. Nice work everyone.
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Re: Andor's Trail Project Meeting #49

Post by Ian » Wed Jun 18, 2014 6:46 pm

This was a very effective meeting pushing us all forward to another new version!
The new type of document helps organising things as well!
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Re: Andor's Trail Project Meeting #49

Post by eldar healer » Mon Jun 23, 2014 12:52 pm

All I can say is wow and well done everyone. Special mention to raner reading your quest ideas has got me really excited about AT again =-)

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Re: Andor's Trail Project Meeting #49

Post by eldar healer » Fri Jul 18, 2014 11:47 pm

Any news on the upcoming update?

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Re: Andor's Trail Project Meeting #49

Post by Ian » Sat Jul 19, 2014 7:47 pm

eldar healer wrote:Any news on the upcoming update?
Not really. But we are working on it. Just be patient please. :)
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Re: Andor's Trail Project Meeting #49

Post by Barracuda777 » Fri Jul 25, 2014 12:05 pm

This game is reaching duke nukem forever status!

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Re: Andor's Trail Project Meeting #49

Post by Tomas 3 » Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:51 pm

I want to exterminate arulirs and get the new sword now :D
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Re: Andor's Trail Project Meeting #49

Post by Autolycus » Tue Aug 12, 2014 11:53 pm

Love the new layout of these!! :D
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