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Re: OOPS..

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Jean-Francois wrote: Tue Nov 24, 2020 3:55 am yes thank you miss or sir
Most welcome :)


L = 60
AC = 312%
AD = 37-52
CHS = 23
CM = 2
ECC = 16%

BC = 65%
DR = 7

WA L2, HH L2, CS L2, CL L1, CE L1, IF, Reg, OHS, SP L2
Fighting style: Weapon and shield L2
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Re: OOPS..

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Level:69, XP:6038672, PV:555, FQ:77
HP:224, AC:216, AD:47-59, AP:3, ECC:27%, CM:3, BC:174, DR:3
Gold: 237559 | RoLS:1, RoL:1, GoW:1, VSH:1, RoFLS:1, WoB:1
HH:1, WA:1, CS:2, Cl:1, IF:4, Ev:3, Re:2, WP:DA:1, WP:1S:1, AP:L:1, FS:DW:2, S:DW:1
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Re: OOPS..


Also if you have wifi
You only need it for 3 minutes tops (really just a minute)
Go to your files,
Click the Andor file
Click share to Google drive

Another way
Download Google drive
Create an account and or if you have one great.
Copy the file and move it to Google drive.

You can so make a zip file and share that to Google and also send it as a email
LV ~93 HP~142. GOLD~300,000 AP~12 AC~234 BC~166 AD~79-92 Critical hit skill~14
DR~5 SKILLS W/A~2 H/H~2 Dodge~4
C/S~2 Q/L~1 Cleave~2 C/E~3 I/F~1 Regen~1
Used no substance to heal
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