Question about "Immaculate Kidnapping"

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Question about "Immaculate Kidnapping"

Post by Halfor »

Hello, may I know if there will be further updates that I can kidnap Ambelie, the noble woman, but also get her necklace?

I want to let my new character carry Ambelie and have a great adventure in AT world, instead of giving her to Umar,
just like what I did to the princess in Dragon Quest 1 :twisted:

So if i can get both Ambelie and her necklace, I can complete the quest "Immaculate Kidnapping" and "The ruthless Crackshot" (also if there are any further quests related to the Thieves' Guild) with carrying Ambelie. That will be amazing and challenging :twisted:
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Re: Question about "Immaculate Kidnapping"

Post by Antison »

It is one or the other. A.T. is about making choices and I consequences of those choices. I will give you one hint. I do have plans to add onto her involvement in Feygard.
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