Charwood Area Quests

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Re: Charwood Area Quests

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Not able to boast but i already got the pendant. Do i need to finish the quest for killing the dragon first?
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Re: Charwood Area Quests

Post by sorrow »

The pendent and killing of the dragon are 2 different quest

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Re: Charwood Area Quests

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I got it done now. But i was right you do have to finish trail by fire for him to give you the quest.
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Re: Charwood Area Quests

Post by missypearls »

No i haven't done the mines and killed the dragon but did return the necklace and can trade with him. In dialog click the one about you don't know who your talking to. That started it for me.
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what quest uses Llegaris' amulet?

Post by dudest_of_the_dudes »

I've seached and found very little information on Llegaris' amulet. I know its part of a quest.... but what quest?
Please help.

2nd Go around at this game..... played it about a year ago. Really like it just wish they would add more stuff more often!

Never mind guys.... I found it on my own thanks to Google!
Sorry about that one
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Re: Charwood Area Quests

Post by Duke »

welcome back Dude! I'm not sure how, can't remember, but I didn't have any problem with the amulet. It was nice to be able to trade with him though.
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Re: Charwood Area Quests

Post by PPK »

I looked everywhere, but I cant find fourth body. can u help me?) I found only battle master and 2 skeletons.
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Re: Charwood Area Quests

Post by Mayweed »

Richards map can be extremely helpful if you're looking for someone...

Follow the link to the person you miss, then step out of the house by clicking the door.
Now you'll see the building you just left - it's the one with the entrance highligthed in blue.
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Re: Charwood Area Quests

Post by ionsedfisheads »

I found them by hunting in every single cabin and going "ooooh, now what does this button do?"
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Re: Charwood Area Quests

Post by Link »

ionsedfisheads wrote:"ooooh, now what does this button do?"
I tell you: .*kABOOOOOOOooom*.
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