Newbie Looking For Advice

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Newbie Looking For Advice

Post by Jordoo » Thu Dec 01, 2016 2:49 am

So I screwed around with a couple characters until I figured out the skills and action points system. By then I had gotten the pride of flagstone and saw the dual welding skills. So I started over with a character designed to dual wield low attack point long swords and daggers while taking advantage of fortitude to the max so I never have to use a level up to increase HP. Here is my character right now with all my equipment on.

Level: 48 (sitting on a SP to use on fortitude at L50)
Hit Points: 122
Action Points: 10
Attack Cost: 3
Attack Chance: 294%
Attack Damage: 36-54
Critical Hit Skill: 28
Critical Multiplayer: 2.0
Effective Critical Chance: 18%
Block Chance: 106%

Hard Hit x 2
Increased Fortitude x 3
Regeneration x 1
1h Sword Proficiency x 3
Light Armor Ptoficiency x 1
F.S. Dual Wielding x 2
Specialization D.W. x 1

I hit Lodar's cave in in the mid 30's but got swarmed big time. I probably could have made it through but was low on Bonemeal potions and worried about getting stuck. Since then I did the Lich cave (those worms sucked) Remgold and finished the mines where you kill the dragon.

1. Whats a good level to finish Lodar's cave and find Andor? (I suspect he's in that little house that is magically sealed)

2. What is the best place to farm XP at my level? Gold is no issue.

3. Is it worth using my Oegyth Cristal's to get the dagger proficiency? I have 8.

4. Where is this Heart Stone to solve the "lost treasure" quest? I can't find anything on this quest and you get it very early.

5. Was I supposed to side with Prim? Blackmountain weapons are un-usable.

6. What are the best 4-AP long swords? I use Flagstone and Balanced Steel.

7. Where should I go with my skills? I wish I had that regeneration one back, corpse eater would be much more useful. I plan to max out Light Armor and then Combat Speed.

Shadow be with you! Thanks in advance.
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Re: Newbie Looking For Advice

Post by Jordoo » Thu Dec 01, 2016 2:58 am

Admins! Please move to general Discussion.

Wow! Way to botch my first post.

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Re: Newbie Looking For Advice

Post by Duvalon » Thu Dec 01, 2016 5:27 pm

Hi, and welcome to the forums! That's a lot of questions. I'll try my best to answer them from my perspective.

1. Haven't tried it yet myself. I'm at 46.

2. I found the Remgard area, going around the bay where the brutes and arulirs are. Those give a ton of xp and rarely hit you because they only have one hit per turn. You need to dish a lot of damage though to make it time efficient. I recommend using the dagger of the shadow priest with 3x critical multiplier and anything that can boost your critical chance. Another good area is the cave north of Loneford with the thralls (forget the baddies names). I don't like that one personally because the status effects inflicted by some of the enemies in there are brutal and waiting for them to pass is tedious.

3. As the game is currently incomplete, I would hang on to those crystals to see if other uses come up.

4. That quest is incomplete. You'll have to wait for future updates.

5. You're not supposed to do anything :-) The blackwater equipment is actually some of the best in the game so far, especially against critical immune enemies. Multiple pieces of equipment only apply the negative effect once, so if you take one you should go all the way.

6. Those are actually pretty good. Blackwater sword is another good one if you go that way. The best though seems to be quick strike dagger, but not a long sword. This may change in the next version since weapons are likely to be balanced as many weapons are clearly disfavored.

7. Combat speed is always good. Much better than hard hit to increase damage. A lot of people seem to think that going for taunt (and its dependencies) are well worth it.

Good luck with finishing the rest of the completed content.

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Re: Newbie Looking For Advice

Post by Jordoo » Thu Dec 01, 2016 6:09 pm

Thanks for taking the time.

2. I agree about the Remgard area and now that I'm level 50 it should be easier than the first time. The spider are also gave a lot of XP and the monsters went down faster but they had some bothersome effects. I may go back to the GreenMaze and hit the snake area, lots of easy quick XP there.

3. Probably a good idea to save them unless I switch to daggers. I learned one handed long sward and maxed it out along with dual wield and specialized. My base AP is only 100 but I am around 300 depending on which equipment I use.

4. Thanks I thought i missed something. There are also a few other odd NPC's around that seem to have no quest written for them so that makes sense.

5. I understand that now from another thread here but still that +1AC and -50crit doesn't make me want to retool my character for its benefits.

6. I have a bunch of really cool daggers I've gotten from monster drops so maybe next run i'll design something around them.

7. If I use the Villon's Armor I could get my AC down to 2 then with 2 quick strikes I could get 5 attacks per round with long swords. I'd probably want to max out my Light Armor Skill as well. I could have all that done by level 64. Agree with Hard Hit it seemed helpful early on but pretty much wasted skill points at this time along with regeneration.

Edit: Looks like Villon Armor only lowers movement rate not attack cost. I see why people would prefer dual wielding 2 x 3AC daggers because they could actually get to 5 attacks per round which would cure a lot of ills. :D

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Re: Newbie Looking For Advice

Post by rijackson741 » Fri Dec 02, 2016 12:09 am

1. It depends on what you mean by "good" IIRC I finished it around level 46 or 47, but it was hard. Nobody knows where Andor will finally be found. Not even the developers :D

2. Charwood mine is very good. The ash monsters give good XP, and although you may not be interested in money they have a chance of dropping a Reinforced black axe, which sells for a lot. There is even a very small chance you will get a Gem of warmth (which has no use whatsoever, but it's nice to have because it's very rare :) )

3. That's a matter of opinion. I wanted to be able to go with daggers or one handed swords, so I splashed for an extra skill. That's partly because I switched from FP to DoSP as soon as I got it though, and sold FP (bad idea :x ). So the best weapon I have for most monsters is DoSP, and the best weapon I have for crit immune monsters is BSS. If you have FP you may want to keep the crystals.

4. As Duvalon noted, the game is not finished yet. You can't get the Heart Stone yet.

5. You make your choices, and live with them. Prim doesn't have much to sell you either.

6. FP, or BSS if the monster is immune to critical hits. I dual wield either DoSP + BSS, or 2 x BSS.

7. Regeneration is useful. If you run out of potions you can stand in a corner and heal. If you run out of potions without Regeneration, you are in big trouble. Also, the problem with having high max HP it is that the max doesn't matter unless you can keep them topped up somehow. Regeneration really helps with that.
You should get both levels of CS ASAP. It will give you an extra attack per round, which means (for you) an extra 36-54 AD per round. Hard to beat that for only two skill points! The Villain's leather armor does not reduce your attack cost, it reduces your move cost. There are only two items in the game that reduce attack cost, and since both are necklaces you cannot reduce it by more than 1.
Level: 64, XP: 4734786, HP: 196, AC: 246%, AD: 49-59, AP: 3, ECC: 25%, CM: 3, BC: 127%, DR: 2
Gold: 232355 | RoLS: 1, RoL: 1, GoW: 1
HH: 1, CS: 2, IF: 4, Ev: 3, Re: 2, WP:DA: 1, WP:1S: 1, AP:L: 1, FS:DW: 2, S:DW: 1

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Re: Newbie Looking For Advice

Post by Jordoo » Fri Dec 02, 2016 1:24 pm

Thanks for responding!

I think I'm going to take on Lodar's Cave at 64 because I want two skill points in CS and also two more in Light Armor.

Right now I'm grinding on Vemonscales and Morkins in the maze. Both very easy and the snakes drop meat occationally while the Morkins drop healing potions so the only resource I'm using is time.

As far as Blackwater, I was first suspicious of the scout who was trying to get me there. Then I thought it was strange that I couldn't get any information out of Prim. Seeing as they had the same problem I figured there was a 3rd party responsible and I could find a solution to make both happy but playing both sides of the fence eventually made one not trust me. In the end I just picked Blackwater because the Prim shops said even if they would sell to me that they didn't have much stock.

I have Venomous Dagger, DoSP, Blade of Defiler and one other dagger. I never use them though. I should buy a couple speed daggers for certain situations.

I am going for CS next and then max out LAP. I wish I had those two I spent on Hard Hit back. It takes 4 levels to get a skill point so thats 8 levels for 4 damage. I could have just used my level up to accomplish the same thing in half the number of levels.

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Re: Newbie Looking For Advice

Post by Denzera » Sun Dec 04, 2016 5:44 am

Jordoo, I started in on the Green Maze at about Lvl 42 and had no problems. Was using DoSP (dagger proficiency L1) primarily, but switching to Balanced Steel Sword (long sword proficiency L1) against critical-immune enemies. I'm at ~250 AC, 24-32 damage with 12 AP (CS Lv2), which isn't overpowering but was certainly good enough. I think the key to making it through, particularly the last cave, is (A) take it slow, and (B) have really good defense. I'm at 108 BC, 7 DR, with Regeneration Lv2. That, combined with eating a lot of Meat and Bread and waiting around sometimes to recharge, let me make it through. The green ghosts are no joke though, even for a high level character - they'll swarm you if you are tactically poor, and/or if it takes you more than 2 turns' worth of attacks to take one of them down. Point is, it definitely doesn't require Lv 64 to make it through. Just get your 4 attacks per turn, with 12 AP from Combat Speed, plus Jewel of Fallhaven or Marrowtaint.

On some other questions:

2) Yeah, the snakes and especially Morkins are fantastic XP in the green maze. I like the giants / Arulirs on the road to Remgard as well, but going through the Snake cave is just a terrifying experience every time and makes it too annoying to bother most of the time. Unless you really want Arulir Skins.

6) You've got the swords I'm using. Flagstone's Pride was an enormous upgrade for me and carried me basically through the latter 2/3s of the game (as it stands right now). Balanced Steel Sword is only a minor upgrade by comparison. I wear a shield and have its proficiency too, because DR means never having to say you're sorry.

7) Regeneration is not a mistake. I have 2 in regeneration and am considering a third, because of how often I have to just stand around the entry square on a map and wait to heal, as I plow through Lodar's cave or the snake cave or the like. Corpse Eater is a nice way to never have to use meat or potions as you go through easier areas. I have 3 Increased Fortitude, 2 Regeneration and 1 Corpse Eater and it provides for my health needs pretty well.

I definitely want to try getting Taunt at some point, as that looks like a hilarious way to take down bigger, tougher baddies. Light Armor (especially with the Serpent's Hauberk and Arulir Skin Gloves) is a good plan, though I might hold off on the weapon proficiencies since most all it will get you is more AC, and you might prefer more DR. Getting Combat Speed is definitely a priority, though - I made sure to get my two points there at levels 28 and 32, although I understand some people spend their lv24 point and then hold their lv28 point for two levels just to get it as early as possible. It changes your battle effectiveness dramatically.

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Re: Newbie Looking For Advice

Post by Jordoo » Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:12 pm

Thanks Denzera!

I have actually started over because the 2 skill points I used in hardhit bothered me so much. I'm level 34 now and have focused on Fortitude, duel wielding and combat speed as soon as I could. I also got the Light Armor and 3 in one handed long sword. Duel wielding two long swords and having 4 attacks per round is great as long as you are getting the initiative.

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