[Quest Guide] Missing Husband

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[Quest Guide] Missing Husband

Post by Pyrizzle » Sat Feb 04, 2017 3:11 am

:ugeek: Welcome adventurer! :ugeek:
Starting Location: Crossglen
Initiated by: Speaking with Oromir or Leta
Mission: Leta cannot find her husband, she asked you to locate him

Step by step:
1) Speak with Leta
2) Speak with Omomir
3) Speak with Leta (You may choose to not tell her)

Quest log:
- "Leta in Crossglen village wants me to look for her husband Oromir"
- "I have found Oromir in Crossglen village, hiding from his wife Leta"
- "I have told Leta that Omomir is hiding in Crossglen village"

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