[Quest Guide] Disallowed Substance

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[Quest Guide] Disallowed Substance

Post by Pyrizzle » Sat Feb 04, 2017 3:13 am

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Starting Location: Crossglen
Initiated by: Leonid
Mission: Find out more information about bonemeal potions

Step by step:
1) Speak to Leonid
2) Speak with Tharal
3) Give Tharal 5 insect wings
4) Speak with Thoronir, use the password "Glow of the Shadow"
5) Collect 5 bones from the abandoned house north of Fallhaven
6) Give Thronir 5 bones, you may now purchase bonemeal potions from him

Quest log:
- "Leonid in Crossglen town hall tells me that there was a disturbance in the village some weeks ago. Apparently, Lord Geomyr has banned all use of bonemeal as a healing substance.
Tharal, the town priest should know more"
- "Tharal does not want to talk about bonemeal. I might be able to persuade him by bringing him 5 insect wings."
-Tharal tells me that bonemeal is a very potent healing substance, and is quite upset that it is not allowed anymore. I should go see Thoronir in Fallhaven if i want to learn more. I should tell him the password 'Glow of the Shadow'."
- "I have talked to Thoronir in Fallhaven. He might be able to mix me a bonemeal potion if i bring him 5 skeletal bones. There should be some skeletons in an abandoned house north of Fallhaven"
- "I have brought the bones to Thoronir. He is now able to supply me with bonemeal potions.
I should be careful when using them though, since Lord Geomyr has banned their use"

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