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[Quest Guide] Key of Luthor

Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2017 3:51 am
by Pyrizzle
:ugeek: Welcome adventurer! :ugeek:

Starting Location: Crossglen
Initiated by: Gruil
Mission: Retreive the Key of Luthor for Bucus

Step by step:
1) Speak with Gruil
2) Give Gruil a poison gland
3) Speak with Gaela (Location: Fallhaven Stable)
4) Speak with Bucus (Location: house southeast from Fallhaven inn)
5) Speak with Thoronir (location: Fallhaven Church)
6) Speak with Athamyr (Location: house south of the Fallhaven Church)
7) Bring Athamyr a cooked meat
8) Kill Luthor at the end of the catacombs and give his key to Bucus

Quest log:
- "Bucus in Fallhaven might know something about Andor. He wants me to bring him the Key of Luthor from the Catacombs beneath Fallhaven Church"
- "The catacombs beneath the Fallhaven Church are closed off. Athamyr is the only one with permission and the bravery to enter them. I should go see him in his house southwest of the church."
- "Athamyr wants me to bring him some cooked meat, then maybe he will want to talk more."
- "I brought some cooked meat to Athamyr"
- "Athamyr has given me permission to enter the catacombs beneath Fallhaven church."
- "I brought the Bucus the Key of Luthor."