How to Upgrade Weapon or Armor ?

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How to Upgrade Weapon or Armor ?

Post by Dexic98 »

Hi I'm new in here ,
and I just want to ask
How to Upgrade weapon or armor ?

I have visit every trade and blacksmith and still dont know ,

Thank You
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Re: How to Upgrade Weapon or Armor ?


Only certain stuff gets upgraded. Not everything. I.e a few items in Remgard can be. Besides that. You either loot the items and or buy the items
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Re: How to Upgrade Weapon or Armor ?

Post by rijackson741 »

Hello Dexic98, and welcome to the forums.

In general, you can't upgrade items. There are a couple of places in the game where you can upgrade some armor, but only a limited number of specific items. The way to upgrade is simply to find where to get better items (either shops or monster drops).
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