Brimhaven Area Quests

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Brimhaven Area Quests

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First, a big thanks to Halfor and CUCHULAINN3 for their help!

Please find below the list of quests for Brimhaven:

Fair Play?
On the North-west of Brimhaven, where this Quest takes place.
There is a backroom on the left with a guard outside the door, where one is not allowed to enter.
Talking to Zimsko, one comes to know that there is gambling, where he lost a lot of money, and suspects cheating.
If one tells one would like to investigate, he shares the password.
With the password, one enters the room.
The game is a variant of 21, where one has a few wins on lower amounts of 1 and 4 golds.
On higher amounts, one loses all hands.
After one accuses the dealer of cheating, a tavern brawl starts.
One knocks out all the people in the backroom, who survive, but one is no longer allowed into the backroom.
One then confirms to Zimsko that one believes there is cheating going on.
Lessons Learned
After crossing the bridge from the (un)Fair Play quest tavern, one comes across the Brimhaven school, below a warehouse (where Inventory quest takes place).
On entering, the teacher asks one to sit, which one does, next to Golin.
The teacher begins a long history of Brimhaven. Be very, very quiet - else the teacher will restart the long lesson. Take no interruptions from Golin or make a noise or ask a question.
Then, the teacher asks everyone to take a set of practice weapons from the chest. Pick up a set and equip yourself.
Ask any of the other pupils, except Golin, if they would like to fight. They all run away.
Ask the teacher to a fight, she accepts. Hit her once and flee.
The teacher is satisfied with your performance, and school is over for you. You can go to the general store and get a cake for good performance.

If you kill Golin or the teacher, the quest goes wrong.
In the warehouse above the Brimhaven school, talk to Facultoni, at the bottom right of the warehouse.
Match pairs of 10 items from the shelves - walk into a shelf to pick one, then another shelf to pick another item. If they match, they are paired, else the items are returned to their original shelves.
The 10 items to be paired are: Boots, Chandeliers, Crystal Globes, Dusty old Books, Lyras, Mysterious Green Somethings, Old Worn Capes, Plush Pillows, Pretty Porcelain Figures & Striped Hammers.
Then one tells Facultoni, who's then very happy.
Honor Your Parents
From the jeweller in Brimhaven, purchase a necklace in your family colours as gift to Mikhail.
Journey to Crossglen and present to Mikhail.
Initially, he's angry and doesn't accept the necklace, and asks me to focus on finding Andor.
But later, he cools down and accepts the necklace.
A Quick Glance
Talking to Anarkis, agreed to find his sister, Juttarka, who went into the cave on the top of the hill bordering Brimhaven to the north (not the one with the Knights' Temple inside it).
Fighting one's way inside, discover a statue which looks almost like a petrified young woman.
Go back and talk to Anarkis, who requests one to avenge Juttarka by killing the Basilisk.
Meet the Brimhaven priest Fangwurm to know about the special properties of Basilisk blood.
Then meet the potion maker to purchase special crystal vials to collect Basilisk blood.
Fight and destroy the Basilisk. Save Juttarka.
Inform Anakis.
Much Water
Roaming about the north west of Brimhaven, in the cellar of one of the houses, one comes across two not-so-bright brothers discussing about a sinister plan to destroy the dam.
One gets asked to destroy the dam or not.
If one chooses to refuse, one gets attacked.
The dam gets destroyed anyway. And guards prevent one from leaving the city till investigation is complete. So, one has to find the real perpetrators.
The rich man above the central hill of Brimhaven knows a lot more, and boasts. Collecting evidence, one gives it to the Captain of the guards.
Corruption strikes!
A Strange Looking Dagger
Purchase a strange-looking dagger and gem from Edrin, and ask him about them. Get the dagger repaired.
Talk to Zorvan.
Check the gravestones to find Lawellyn's gravestone.
Talk to Arlish, then Forlin, then Kizzo in Loneford.
Check among the trees in the woods in the path between Loneford and Brimhaven.
Talk again to Kizzo, then Venanra in Brimhaven.
Inform the authorities.
Talk to Arlish.
Work for Debts
(This starts when Much Water is complete)
Talk to Stebbarik, ill at home in bed. Accept the quest, then talk to Gnossath.
Accepting the task, ensure what you carry does not make you unconscious.
On completion, talk to Gnossath and then Stebbarik
A Cat and Mouse Game
Talk to Seviron, and help the cat catch the mouse.
Give Seviron rocks, cheese and a bottle from Arlish.
Come back later to see the mouse caught.
Decide what you wish to do with it,

Thanks and Regards,

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Re: Brimhaven Area Quests


For the complete list of all the quest and some of the info
I did miss some other options for the quest. When I make my 8th character i will add it in
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