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Re: taunt skill

Post by Osho »

I unlocked Taunt at Level 36 with BC 125+ and many opponents could not make a successful hit for a large part of the combat, especially the ones with AC of 150 or below, which includes the majority of the total monsters in the game.

By the time I reached 150 in BC, I was simply watching the health of the monsters drop to zero, while they stand helplessly in cursing their inability to make a successful hit.

Add Greataxe of shattered hope and you can further maximise your chances of taking even the high HP monster easily.

I found Taunt very useful against monsters like graveyard corpse, and hirathils.
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Re: taunt skill

Post by CKork »

It is powerful, but not overpowered, as you need to have a very defensive focus to use it early, which can drag things out.
If you do it right, it will get you far.

If you get evasion and then full out dmg (glass canon) you can achieve quite the oposite. Also very powerful if done correctly, very fast, but not overpowered.

Both approaches need dedication and are completely different in playstyle. Powerful and one sided. Botg viable.
And so are all the wonderful and balancable builds inbetween
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Re: taunt skill

Post by Nut »

That's a point for the pre conditions: you'll have to decide and can't have e.g. both Taunt and Concussion - like in real life.
To try the other skill it's more reasonable to start a new game.
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