Uploading Your Save File

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Uploading Your Save File

Post by nyktos »

In order to make a way for members to upload their saved games...
they are going to have to copy and rename them to add a .sav extension.

Then upload it.

Whoever downloads it - will have to remove the .sav.
It's a bit clunky, but that is the only way without either...

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A) Opening up the forum and community to all sorts of malware & viruses [or]
B) Cause us to change the way the game saves by adding an extension and who knows what all havok that might stir up.
So until we figure out a better way to handle it,
that is the way we can upload saves directly to the forums.[/b]
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Re: Uploading Your Save File

Post by Antiriad »

thanks for the possibillity to add the savegame files, matthew!

i added the file in my latest bug-post, so You can ignore my invitation to my andors-dropbox folder if You want to...

best regards,

whoever ;)
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Re: Uploading Your Save File

Post by Grimwohl »

Im confused, isthere a medium used to upload saved files, or are you saying just grab the data off the phone and rename it?
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Re: Uploading Your Save File

Post by Trantor_68 »

No, i copied the savefile to a dropbox Folder and sent the Access link to Matthew.
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Re: Uploading Your Save File

Post by Jacobryan »

Is there a place to download others saved games?
Kinda like to see how others are doing.
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