Ripped Off in Remgard

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Re: Ripped Off in Remgard

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I'm sorta new to the forums but I feel I have a (sorta) good idea for the reward of helping Remgard. What if for a high enough cost the *Blackwater misery* could be removed from those items. This means ppl who sided with Blackwater and Remgard get the benifit or ppl who just killed the monsters and got the items do. Seems pretty good. And only armour btw. A poisoned 45 AC quickatrike dagger with no BC debuf is just too OP
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Re: Ripped Off in Remgard

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With 2 Combat Speed, and Flagstone Pride, later Hunter Sword, one gets in enough strikes to destroy most monsters easily. đź‘Ť


L = 72
AC = 340%
AD = 45-62
CHS = 18
CM = 2
ECC = 16%

BC = 98%
DR = 9

Shadow Regeneration

WA L2, HH L2, BS L1, CS L2, CL L2, CE L2, IF, Reg, OHS, SP L2
Fighting style: Weapon and shield L2
Specialization: Weapon and shield L1
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