Are You All In?

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Are You All In?

Post by Antison » Sat Feb 18, 2017 1:33 pm

Now this is something that I've battled with in my mind from day 1. If you decide to make a build that is heavily weighted towards one attribute, do you equip items that further magnify that said attribute or do you go with complimenting items?

For example: You decide to go with an all/high AC build. Do you go with such an item as the "Leather gloves of attack" to further increase your AC and in this case make your BC even worse? Or do you go with a pair of gloves that balance/compliment the AC? Such as the "Arulir skin gloves" which will decrease your BC at the cost of boosting your BC and DR.
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Re: Are You All In?

Post by rijackson741 » Sat Feb 18, 2017 2:22 pm

That's a good question. I don't have a good answer though :lol:

I guess if it's "all in", you go with items that magnify that attribute, when possible. When not possible, you pick something else. There has to be exceptions to that though. If I were going for BC, I would not trade the JoF for the Shielding necklace.
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Re: Are You All In?

Post by Zukero » Sat Feb 18, 2017 3:31 pm

I'm all in on criticals.
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Result: ECC 50%, CM 3.75

I stick with it even against crit immune enemies, because I want to.
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Re: Are You All In?

Post by Pyrizzle » Sun Feb 19, 2017 1:06 am

When i am building an ALL CRIT character i will go all out trying to max out that stat as much as possible, but when i am not trying to use Crits in my build i usually go for a more balanced approach and use items that do not have a huge negative effect on what stat i am trying to build up.

More often than not i end up building a character that is balanced in stats

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Re: Are You All In?

Post by Duke » Thu Feb 23, 2017 2:05 am

I will usually go "all in" and equip items to enhance the build, i.e. high AC, wear items that have the most AC.
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Re: Are You All In?

Post by Paholainen » Fri Feb 24, 2017 4:16 am

When u make an all in, choose equipment that help you in the other attributes, because an all in char is to squishi.

Example: other game U play a mage go all in with int u'll make high dmg but your enemies need one hit to kill you. Int and health are better.3:1
Or U play warrior, more difficult health, def or dmg?All U need, without dmg U dont make enough dmg to kill your enemies.

Here in this game I Go to "balanced" char.more in dmg and crit then life and bc.
All in crit char is squishi, because a lot of monsters imune for crits..

My mind.
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Re: Are You All In?

Post by Growler » Wed Oct 04, 2017 8:37 am

You win this game (as with other games & life in general) by enjoying whatever approach works best for you..brings you the most joy & satisfaction.

As such, I find critical strikes a lot of fun as well as useful in taking down most strong mobs (currently getting approx 1-in-4 hits that are critical -- doing triple+ damage with the awesome DotSP), so warp my build somewhat--but certainly not entirely--around increasing crits. So I'm 'all in' for emphasis on better crits, but also for balance.

Haven't used any skills yet to increase crits, but thinking of doing that next available skill point or two.
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Re: Are You All In?

Post by Kashim » Thu Oct 05, 2017 3:14 pm

All In chars aren't necessarily squishy. I did an all-in for DR, where every single piece of equipment and skill point was chosen only for its DR value. This means forsaking the JoF for the 2 DR necklace, and getting rid of your rings for the cursed ones with 1 DR. I also maxed DR in my skills, taking BarkSkin whenever I could. The result was really interesting: it was a character who could go to a lot of different caves and just not take damage.

When I eventually swapped one of the rings out for a RoLS, the character was epic, and could run most caves with little/no damage. It was much easier than normal to stay alive, because I didn't have to worry about the big hits anymore, I knew I would have time to drink a potion. Adding up his DR:
2 from his Serpent's Hauberk
2 from his necklace
1 from his helmet
1 from his shield
1 from his boots
1 from his gloves
1 from his 1 ring

In addition, he also took shield proficiency, which added another 2, and had 4 levels of bark skin.
the 15 DR result was epic. Carrion crawlers could only deal a max of 3 damage to him. Even after the fear effect, the Hira'Zinn could only get in an absolute max of 1 damage per hit (if he got a maxed critical hit) which did effectively 0 damage after the regen. I never got the regeneration skill because I flat didn't need it. I wanted to spend my time in combat, not out of it.
I only got 2 swings per round most of the game because I had to take IF, and couldn't take any combat speed until late. I used a BSS because I really needed that high a-c and damage combination.
It had real downsides though. He could get to the 'Zinn easily, but couldn't kill him. He had to spend so many levels on natural BC (half to keep Barkskin maxed) that his natural AD was junk compared to where he should be at level 40 (I did do every other level AD, but 20 isn't high enough at level 41). He could dominate most areas, but some would completely rip through him like the charwood volcano and the plaguestriders. The DoT effects don't do any kind of reduced damage, and boy did they hurt. The plaguestriders were especially nasty since he didn't really have any AC to hit them with. The green maze sure got a LOT easier though. For the most part, I could just walk through it. It took a long time to kill the Morkin people because their block was so high and my attack... wasn't, but it was just time consuming, not hard.

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Re: Are You All In?

Post by Growler » Thu Oct 05, 2017 6:04 pm

That's an interesting approach & with impressive DR! Seems a sign of a good overall game/design when it's possible to do so well by going 'all in' in various ways.

How did your char do facing Giant Arulirs, for ex? (they would occasionally--tho very rarely--hit me for 40~60 pts, with my DR=0 or 1) Seems you might do well considering their BC is very low..around 20? as I recall?

Btw, for my char, that was a Great area to grind for XP..something close to 3,000 XP per minute (only a few of them, but they re-spawned rapidly) & rarely got hit..but it was like chopping down tree after tree considering their huge HP (325~330).
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Re: Are You All In?

Post by Kashim » Thu Oct 05, 2017 7:57 pm

The Arulirs/Trolls weren't a problem. I spent so many levels getting natural BC for bark skin that their hit percentage wasn't significant. (even if I had been naked/no equipment, I would have had 60% block chance. I drank a potion if I got hit super hard (doesn't matter how much DR you have, they still HURT when they crit). I will say that their normal attacks didn't do damage 75% of the time, which was nice. They basically only damaged me on criticals. I kept eating bread/meat with the reasonable expectation that they wouldn't hit me again before I would regen the damage.

By the numbers:
After equipment my BC was 106% at level 40. Their attack chance was 70%, with a critical skill of 30 and a multiplier of 3. I had 15 DR, their damage was 1-19. They swung twice per turn. According to the handy-dandy spreadsheet I've got here, their chance to hit me was nasty at only 13.86%, their effective critical chance is 19%.
Now, the spreadsheet I have (someone else prepped an Andors Trail game mechanics spreadsheet somewhere else on the forum) breaks down in big ways when it starts getting negative numbers, because it doesn't handle hits that do less than 0 damage properly (it doesn't bound them, and acts as though they heal the target), but by recalculating it myself, I got:
expected damage from normal hits = .53 per hit
expected damage from critical hits = 16.79 per critical hit.
Combining those with their respective liklihoods leaves you with 3.66 damage per hit.
After considering the insane miss chance, I was expecting to take .507 damage per swing, or 1.01 damage per round. My RoLS healed me for 1/turn, so it covered almost all of the damage. There were still small chances that they'd kill me by getting insanely lucky 2 shots in a row, but I think that's the case for pretty much anyone running through that area.

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