Help! Reset skill points?

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Help! Reset skill points?

Post by brugg » Sun Jan 06, 2019 5:12 am

I was excited to reach level 30 so I could switch to dual daggers and have 12 AP but I accidentally put a point in Quick Learning instead of Fast Combat... Is there any way to reset skill points? I tried to edit the save file in a hex editor but I can't figure out where the skill points are. Could someone explain what I should be doing with the save file? I want to remove the point from Quick Learning and I assume then I also have to change some modifier to actually remove the boost and then increase the available skill points by one so I can spend it on Fast Combat instead. It wouldn't be that bad if my point had been in another skill but I'd rather grind for EXP than waste a skill point on something that doesn't enhance my fighting ability... I know it's a silly thing but it's going to bother me forever... now before you think I'm simply out to cheat, if I wanted to do that I could just increase my EXP and gold instead (the values for those are a lot easier to find).

EDIT: If someone knows but don't want to post here to make the information easily available you can PM me instead.

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Re: Help! Reset skill points?

Post by Zukero » Sun Jan 06, 2019 8:20 am

It might be easier to revert to an older save. I hope you didn't overwrite your previous save...
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