Help me out please:

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Help me out please:

Post by Maeve »

Gonna get this straight:
1. Where can i find Hagale from the wood settlement.
2. Roots of love quest - Where can i find the flower :cry:
3. Does Magic Finder increases finding RoLS and other small percentage items? :oops:
4. Best item combination for dual wield, any idea? :D
tytytytytytyty :3

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Re: Help me out please:

Post by Firefly84 »

1. The wood settlement is north east of Fallhaven, but you have to circle around to the Dulain Road and find the opening in the wood next to the jelly cave.
2. You have to travel to Remgard through the plaquestrider cave to continue this quest.
3. Yes it does, but you need some points to really feel a difference.
4. A combination of high AC and AD but only app. 4 AP. When you really want to hunt for the ROL, then you need 2 of them and you won't have much trouble with healing anymore.
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Re: Help me out please:

Post by T-rex2298 »

Maeve wrote:
Tue Mar 26, 2019 11:40 am

4. Best item combination for dual wield, any idea? :D
tytytytytytyty :3
Depends what you are aiming for with you character, but I like to specialize in criticals when I go slicing two swords around. Flagstone's pride and Dagger of the Shadows Priest are good for that because thay have high critical skill and multipliers for one handed weapons.

But of course, if you want to find out your best playing style, you'll have to try out all the different ways yourself :lol:
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Re: Help me out please:

Post by Jaller123 »

I don't know where to get the rose

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Re: Help me out please:


Jaller123 wrote:
Mon Mar 16, 2020 9:16 pm
I don't know where to get the rose
from the guard at the castle that lets you inside
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Re: Help me out please:

Post by CKork »

For dual wield:
Double RoL is awesome for healing. With them, some IF skills, you can go straight for AD and AC stats.

Whats also VERY good is double HS. Nothing else gets in so many hits per round (with high AC)!
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Re: Help me out please:

Post by JonLin »

Best duel wield imho are flagstone sword and dagger of shadow priest. Get the necklace of the undead instead of grinding for ROL.
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