v0.7.6 quest item "Suspicious package"

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v0.7.6 quest item "Suspicious package"

Post by qTzal »

So I did that quest, killed the bad guy
and received the key. In the same room was a different henchmen guarding a chest which contained the "Suspicious package". The quest shows as completed after
the key is returned to Umar
but the package seems to be a loose thread.

Does it have any purpose? The inventory list shows it as a quest item.

Also: were ...
Crackshot's dying words about the the key being cursed important right now?
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Re: v0.7.6 quest item "Suspicious package"

Post by rijackson741 »

There are more quests in the same series planned.
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Re: v0.7.6 quest item "Suspicious package"

Post by jeromey67 »

any update about this package?
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Re: v0.7.6 quest item "Suspicious package"

Post by Nut »

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