What is your favorite aspect of this game?

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What is your favorite aspect of this game?

Post by Antison »

I thought of creating a poll but I didn't want to restrict you guys to a handful of answers so I'll keep this open-ended.
But I'm just curious as to what it is about this game that excites you? What gets your blood flowing?

Is it the open world concept? Exploring, finding new and wonderful things. Or maybe it's the thrill of a new quest to conquer? Or maybe it is just the level of difficulty that you enjoy?
Maybe it's the depth of the game that you enjoy? building a whole assortment of different characters with different skills and different weapons and different equipment?

Me personally, I really enjoy making my character better. Seeing there abilities grow with each level, skill or equipment upgrade.
I also love the depth in being able to build so many entirely different characters.
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Re: What is your favorite aspect of this game?

Post by Gonk »

In the game I like the open world, open character building, the final decissions and the great different quests.
I also enjoy very much the community around the game and the possibility to get involved, create game content, etc.

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Re: What is your favorite aspect of this game?

Post by Tomcat »

One favorite thing? Not possible lol.

I like that the community can contribute to the game development.

I like the open world, instead of the usual linear path and separate character classes, with continuous choices to make, not just a series of bigger and bigger boss monsters to hack through.
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Re: What is your favorite aspect of this game?

Post by Zukero »

I absolutely love the fact that different authors make quests with a very different feel. For example, Nut's work on Guynmart and Stoutford added a really refreshing taste.
This all makes the game feel diverse, where most RPG end up feeling repetitive.

Also, from an insider perspective, the community, the team, the free software aspect, and the international nature make it really exciting.
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Re: What is your favorite aspect of this game?

Post by JonLin »

I enjoy questing. And grinding for the legendary and extraordinary items.
Being able to wander all over the world is great also.
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Re: What is your favorite aspect of this game?

Post by Tofu Ming »

All of the above and more! Some things that you guys already mentioned such as character building/free software aspect/open world etc, are my favorites too. I especially like that the game still developing and evolving as we play and no one know how it all will end - if ever?
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Re: What is your favorite aspect of this game?

Post by Uncubus »

That it's a free game with open source. Good and fun story, interesting choices and fun to build character.

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Re: What is your favorite aspect of this game?

Post by T-rex2298 »

I must admit I love this game for the community and developers. Also the fact that is 'permament'. You can transpot the gamesaves to different devices.
no ads as well.....
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