Most potions are useless

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Re: Most potions are useless

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It does wonders in hardcore mode :-) Your wifes/husbands/kids will appreciate it :-P
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Re: Most potions are useless

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I was thinking that these "useless" potions, items and food could be of use someday when crafting is eventually introduced in the game.
By then, the long-time players would've been gazillionaires and crafting cost would require tons of gold. :geek:
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Re: Most potions are useless

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Bugfrag wrote: Thu May 07, 2020 6:04 am I bought the most useless (and quite expensive) potion:
:twisted: Potion of quick death. :twisted:

Hopefully someone will develop a hidden quest around it.
i buy that too... but 1 only, can't afford that time 5,000 per potion.
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