mazarth beasts are scary :( xD :3

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mazarth beasts are scary :( xD :3

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i have a main permadeath unarmed character at level 33 and i have very good fortitude (which was one of the first skills i got leveling up), and i thought i could handle most of what the charwood mines could throw at me, but when i got to the mazarth beasts i got soooo scared and got the hell out of there lol, because one of my other perma death characters died fighting two at once deep in the mine and now i know why.. each mazarth beast can deal 0-17 damage and can attack twice, which i think is ok for my character fighting one of them, but two of them at once?? :( (im not blaming the developers im just shocked at the stats lol) and thats not the worst part... CRITICAL HITS XD.. they have a 3x multipler to their Attack Damage, and critical hits means not only does any damage i take multiply, it also mean my DR is worthless.. 3X .. the ones in the charwood mines are tough ones, and my goodness do those tough mazarth versions make my heart race.. 0-20 AD.. 3x multiplier.. over 100 hp.. just one tough mazarth can deal over 100 damage with one round.. their attack chance may be low but that doesnt help my dread at all xD :3 my main character i first mentioned has 124 max hp, and its definitely not enough to feel safe fighting those guys x3 :3 i love you AT developers~ :33 ❤❤❤
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Re: mazarth beasts are scary :( xD :3

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In my opinion DR doesn't help much in late game. BC helps much. Especially against bad conditions. With DR, even if you minimize taken damage to 1 or 0, you get bad conditions.

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Re: mazarth beasts are scary :( xD :3

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I agree. Even DR2 is useful very early (in fact, makes you immune to many attacks!), but late on it's the least useful stat.
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