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Edit Shop in Game

Post by Dexic98 »

I try to create other conversationlist in database game ,
for example give item from NPC to Player ,
make more talk with some NPC , and its SUCCES

but I want to know How make NPC can trade with us? like trade shop ...

I try edit convesationlist and droplist item together but when I try to execute trade with talk it can't.

I know in .json
nextPhraseID : S .. can to trade with NPC
and to put item in this trade must make other array in droplist.json

but i stuck can do it..

help me..

I just use Android.

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Re: Edit Shop in Game

Post by rijackson741 »

Sorry. No answer, except that your syntax in the JSON is obviously wrong. It's impossible to debug code you can't even see.
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