Crackshot hideout - Dialog box

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Crackshot hideout - Dialog box

Post by Osho »

After completing the quest, the dialog boxes which appear in the beginning of the quest still pop up after passing over the blood stains - except one!

Video attached.

1. At the start of the quest - if I step on the last blood stain and accidentally press anywhere on the screen then the dialog box disappears instantly. It doesn't remain on screen to let the player choose to "leave" similar to the first TWO dialog boxes

2. Shouldn't the first TWO dialog boxes disappear after the quest is finished rather than keep poping up each time player steps over the blood stains?

Suggested fixes:
1. The third dialog box should remain on screen and not instantly disappear. I had missed reading his dialog box on previous occasions
2. After the quest is complete and player has successfully interacted with all three dialog boxes then all of them should not pop up later , OR all three should pop up consistently each time the player triggers them.

It's a minor annoyance but I thought to report about it.
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