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Re: Weapons Stats

Post by Voom »

Will do. Also would need to know if the change to how DR is calculated around criticals has been made. That would affect the formulas too.

I am super glad to see ADM make it's way into the game. Props to Richard for always grounding the rebalancing project to reality and practicality and carrying it through to the finish line even when I wasn't there the past year and a half +. I can't wait to fully play through the newest version.
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Re: Weapons Stats

Post by rijackson741 »

DR has not changed. That is not to say it couldn't, but IMO it's better to make one change and let the dust settle, and then look at other possible changes.

I am responsible for the Giant's flail. It was designed to be (almost) impossible to use. More of a curiosity than a viable weapon.
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