Extraordinary and legendary items

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Re: Extraordinary and legendary items

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Any chance of buffing some some of this legendary items? Elythran Redeemer is weak.

Also will you be adding stronger items in late game part? Items from late game are almost thr same with items from early game. You appear to not want new stronger items. You can make an argument that Lifetaker = Flagstone pride.

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Re: Extraordinary and legendary items

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LE/EX items aren't necessarily meant to be super power items. Nor are they needed to finish all of the quests.
With the next release two-handed weapons do a lot more damage.
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Re: Extraordinary and legendary items

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My PermaDeath Monk now has his first Legendary. Finally I can reduce my bread consumption.
Feels awesome to have it and to know that it was obtained the right way, by grinding and leveling up, not with the much faster save/reload shortcut with 3 or 4 mobs in attack distance :mrgreen:
I must say, though, it`s probably THE best thing to do and go for with a PermaDeath character.
The stats are awesome, regeneration in early levels desperately needed, and leveling up a must. Without leveling up, the defenses are way too low for more advanced areas, mainly due to low hp and high crit dmg of mobs. So XP for block and HP (IF) are deperately needed.
Farming for the ring early on (lvl 20+ and good amount of dmg resistance) therefore seems to ideally fit into a PermaDeath built plan. Wonderfully combines nice XP for that level with not-too-bad or dangerous mobs, pumps up your stock of health potions and rewards you with the ring. It`s actually become meaningful instead of simply being 'end game grinding content'.

Got lucky with only 2000 kills. But would not have minded to go through even more, until I hit lvl 50 or sonething alike. After all, due to crits, depths of the green maze (snakes, khakin, hirathil), the charwood mine (mazarth and many things thereafter) or the was to remgard are still of limits. It`s just too dangerous and risky.
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