Ayuda! Brinhavem

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Ayuda! Brinhavem

Post by rey_2020 »

Hay un collar que cuesta más de 100mil monedas y estoy reuniendo .. Alguien me podría decir: si este collar vale la pena? Creo que es la cosa más costosa que eh visto.

Alguien ya lo tiene? Cuáles son sus beneficios?

Saludos desde VENEZUELA 🇻🇪
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Re: Ayuda! Brinhavem

Post by rijackson741 »

Google Translation: "there is a necklace that costs more than 100 thousand coins and I am collecting .. Could someone tell me: is this necklace worth it? I think it's the most expensive thing I've ever seen.

Does anyone already have it? What are its benefits?

Greetings from Venezuela"

Please post in English, even if that is just a Google (or other engine) translation.

It's up to you whether to buy it or not. But look at it's properties.
Some things may appear to be tempting. Maybe they are a good choice. Maybe not.
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