A brainless strategy for new players

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Re: A brainless strategy of new players

Post by Halfor »

Why a monk?
If u don't like monk, u can change other builds, as u still haven't use any skill point (2 IF is really important for all builds, Rols also)

Besides, being a monk means u don't need to farm any equipment, having more and more 0.01% 8-)

Also, being a monk provides a huge amount of ac and bc, just 4 skill point, (2 in WoM, 2 in UF), it provides 84 ac, 25 bc, 6 base damage, 8 max damage, 1.5 criticial multiple

So being a monk makes game much easier
The only disadvantage of my strategy is "farming is boring"
but all in all, it is brainless enough.
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Re: A brainless strategy for new players

Post by NoobGamer »

Nice. I never considered DR. Although I know it's good.
I've always been an offensive (yet impulsive) player and never get anywhere in games. Hence my name.
I play AT because I'm such a sucker on questing rpgs and this is the best I've found so far. I actually progress here, albeit shamefully slow. :lol:
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Re: A brainless strategy for new players

Post by Antison »

A.T. is not a game that I advise you to hack and slash through quickly. It takes time, planning, and patience.
"A home without a beagle is just a house"
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Re: A brainless strategy for new players

Post by ruleofthirds13 »

way of monk is too hard if you dont know how it goes well. im become monk at 30. first ac and bc stat you cannot always landing a successful full punch if you have lower ac. ive been there.
lower ac but higher in dmg its useless. always miss and your enemy hit you many times. ;)
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Re: A brainless strategy for new players

Post by Blabla »

Great guide, thanks. I was quite overwhelmed with choices and this helped me get a grasp on it. Just completed the current game with it.

Just felt I needed to add best cloth items for this build has Kayla in Stoutford (it's not listed in the equipment section at the moment). I got feline shoes/gloves and
sublimate robe.

I also later added two skill points for "combat speed". With the marrowtaint necklace which lowers attack cost by 1AP it's only 3 AP per attack and with 12 AP in total you can mow down enemies pretty fast.
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Re: A brainless strategy for new players

Post by Reevesey »

Awesome guide, im only as far as level 25 but wanted to add that i have got 2 rols and you can have both on at once.

Thanks for the farmy method makes it more fun for me weirdly!
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Re: A brainless strategy for new players

Post by rusdisas »

Nice simole guide mate. I wonder if you could post your eqs and stats at that last step. I'm curious.
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