A brainless strategy for new players

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Re: A brainless strategy of new players

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Why a monk?
If u don't like monk, u can change other builds, as u still haven't use any skill point (2 IF is really important for all builds, Rols also)

Besides, being a monk means u don't need to farm any equipment, having more and more 0.01% 8-)

Also, being a monk provides a huge amount of ac and bc, just 4 skill point, (2 in WoM, 2 in UF), it provides 84 ac, 25 bc, 6 base damage, 8 max damage, 1.5 criticial multiple

So being a monk makes game much easier
The only disadvantage of my strategy is "farming is boring"
but all in all, it is brainless enough.
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