Scared to death, thought i was about to die.

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Scared to death, thought i was about to die.

Post by Bug »

I had not played this game for a couple years. Lost my old saved game along with my overpowered level 50 something kill anything guy that even had a ring of lesser shadow.

I noticed there had been a lot of updates since I last played so I decide to start over again, play the game a little differently. The perma death option was the first thing I noticed so figured why the hell not?

Was playing super cautious starting out but got to feeling comfortable after about level 4 when I got my first power up skill point. Was wanting to put all my skill points into critical hits to make a super slugger but for some reason when i was just clicking through all the menus I go and select the dodge skill instead for nine points in block, all by accident. At the time I was thinking I was just doing a regular level block upgrade for just three points but only realized what I had done a moment too late.

Crap this means I got to start all over because of course I did not have a saved game to reload being perma death and all. But I figured all right lets just go all the way and make a super fast dodger instead of a slugger and work our way up to getting the taunt skill. This would have been a character I never would have started intentionally so maybe this will be fun after all.

Around level 8 things are going nice, had a life time supply of bread to keep health up steadily and just got my second dodge skill bonus. I discover the town of Stoutford, this area had not been part of the game since I last played so was excited to see something new. Things should be perfectly safe while in town right?

My first surprise was seeing the undead wandering around but no problem, I could take them out pretty easy. Then I go and discover the tavern.

Those of you that do not know what is coming up should stop reading right now because of the most exciting spoiler in the game is coming up, especially if you are playing perma death!
A free bed? Perfect! My health was pretty low so this is just what I needed. That tavern keeper was acting a little suspicious but still I did not expect to be trapped!

So there I am running around that little tiny room with the lich monster chasing me while I am trying to recover health with bread. The first engagement with that thing has me doing one hit point of damage with each hit that managed to connect while he is taking big old chunks out of me with each swing. I am able to flee and have to retreat away in circles for what must have been at least five minutes before my health is back. Luckily though I had some equipment in my gear that I had not yet sold that added a few extra points of damage. So on round two I was able to do a big super critical of six. Maybe I can survive!

But before I could get too excited my health got low again pretty fast so back to dancing around in circles again, and again, I lost count how many times I did this and how much bread I went through before finally taking this guy down. The thing was even healing itself whenever I got close to killing it!

When I finally got up top to confront the tavern keeper that sent me down there I really did want to kill him. I never felt such anger and betrayal in all my life. Crazy how a video game could make me feel this way. This was all because of perma death. Good job developers!
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Re: Scared to death, thought i was about to die.

Post by RaptorNXT »

Really interesting way to put ir!

I agree: Excellent work so far by the developer team!



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Re: Scared to death, thought i was about to die.

Post by Nut »

Wow, my respect that you survived this 8-)

I have heard of the strategy to play with two characters - one as kind of a scout to check for dangerous traps. Then you would just hate yourself instead of us cruel devs :D

I'm happy to hear that you have fun with the release. There are plenty of new things to explore - a good choice that you had started a new character.
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Re: Scared to death, thought i was about to die.

Post by Antison »

I can't believe you got to Stoutford at level 8. And I'm most impressed that you killed the lich at level 8
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Re: Scared to death, thought i was about to die.

Post by rusdisas »

Wow u have a very great dedication there. Even with normal mode i struggled at that chamber (yea it was frustating) and decided to delete that save and restart due too the stress haha. Good story mate.
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