Fighting Style: Dual Wield level 1 unbalance

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Re: Fighting Style: Dual Wield level 1 unbalance

Post by Growler » Sun Oct 15, 2017 4:30 pm

Yes, the game is maddeningly balanced in many ways! :geek:
Making the many choices difficult & sometimes a bit arbitrary..but also always for many choices to be based on personal pref/aesthetic or such.

In this case, I finally settled upon popping that skill pt into a 2nd lev of LAP (Light Armor Proficiency) -- eschewing both DW & SaS!
Why? Because when I tried it, I got 11 pts added to my BC (2 pts better than another Dodge, among other possibilities), with hope that'll make runs to Remgard, Green Maze & such faster due to taking few skewers in the gizzard :twisted:

Besides, figure 11 pts BC is roughly = 18 pts AC or 3 AD.
And I see some merit (optimization) in using skill pts more for defense, and level-ups for offense.
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