Surprise? - Charwood - v0.7.12.1

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Surprise? - Charwood - v0.7.12.1

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Quest: Surprise?
AT Version: v0.7.12.1
Last questlog entry:
Since I last met him, he found one bone that was long enough, but he's still looking for one.
Location: Charwood, SW building
During conversation with Halvor he will accept a bone for 250 gold. If CHAR has more than one bone in inventory it is possible to leave the conversation after obtaining 250 gold and start the conversation anew. This effectively let's CHAR sell each bone for 250.

Not sure if this is a bug or intended behaviour, but can break balance since 200 bones * 250 gold amounts to quite a lot of cash obtained much faster than grinding.

Unable to verify this behaviour on v0.7.13
I have looked through bugs subforum but did not find any report related.

Ps. Regards to everyone involved with AT, such a nice game!
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Re: Surprise? - Charwood - v0.7.12.1

Post by QQkp »

Ooh, good find. Confirmed still present in 0.7.13, should be fixed in the next release.
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