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Links to Already suggested Ideas!

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2012 1:19 am
by Pyrizzle
Here I will try to list the different ideas that you suggest so that it will be easier for everyone to add new ideas or even add to existing ideas.


Blue = Applied to game

:mrgreen: Alpha related suggestions:
Quick Slot Improvments

:mrgreen: New Skills/Updating Skills:
Armor breaking Hit
Brutalize (NPC SKILL)
New Skill: Cartography
Hermetic [or] Alchemist/Chemist
High Level Defensive Skills
High level skill for 'useless' skills
Movement (climbing, swiming, etc)
Poison Usage
Side Step
Strong Mind, Enduring Body, Pure Blood
Resistance to Critical Damage (for player)
Revise Quick Learner ... 9&start=10
Unarmed Skills
:mrgreen: Suggestions for Future Legendary/Extraordinary Items: (Wyrm Claw Dagger) (Sack of Rocks) (Item set: Mikhails´s Vestments) Spiked armor/Thornmail Sword of Parry & War Shield Helmet of Grinding

:mrgreen: Multi player ideas:
Arena (PVP)

:mrgreen: Requests for Additional Content:
2 handed Weapons
Additional NPC's like the Highwaymen
Attack Styles
Battle arena
Boss battles Pictures
Chests & storage places
Combat Map Movement/Parry/Flanking
Confirm Quick Slot Usage
Crafting / ... 261#p21261
Day and Night
Duel Weilding
Easy mode
Faction Based Equipment
Fading stats w/ hp loss
Fast Travel ... 0&start=20
Food for Thought...
Hunger ... 696#p23696
In game Help (F.A.Q.)
In game map
In game Music
Instant (NPC) re-spawn Potions
Item Refinement (Crafting)
Invisibility Cloak
Loot Dialog box
Mortality Check
More Forests/ Wilderness
More Graphics
More items that have - AP
New Type of map & quest suggestion
Outfits (second gear set)
Paper, Tablets, Inner Dialog
Quick load button
Random item generator
Ranged Weapons
Rare Re-spawns
Repeatable Quests
Search is gold
Sound effects
Starting over but keeping L+E items
Stone of Resurrection
Tent (portable bed)
Timeline for A.T.
warhorse (mounts)
Weapon Specialization

:mrgreen: Quest Related Ideas:
Devastated Land
Increase # of Imps in Kazul Caves
More Story lines
Of mice and men
Quest - Expiring Item
Quest to Unite BWMS and Primm

:mrgreen: Suggestions for Changes to current content:
# of item remaining on Quick slot Items / viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1508
About DR
Adjusting XP from NPCs
Altering stats for Rare /boss drops
Balancing Bare handed fighting
Balancing leveling statistic bonuses (AD, HP, AC, BC)
Balancing Skills Progression
Bigger D-pad
BUSTED! [Bonemeal is forbidden] Brainstorm
Character Gender
Character Movement
Confirmation when applying level bonus
Critical Hits and Status Conditions
Damaged weapons and Armor
Enemies that Heal
Friends & Foes
Inventory Organization
Movement: Keeping character center of screen
Modification to Increased Fortitude
Monster Difficulty
More intelegent monster
Move the -Create New Savegame Slot- button?
Multi leveled world
No more gold drops from non human npc
Quickstrike Dagger - Overpowered?
Secret Passages & shortcuts
Suggested change for Rusted iron sword
Stats screen
Title screen
Rotting corpse (turn off NPC dialog)
Uses for usless items
Wolfpack Armor
XP for fights with multiple monsters

:mrgreen: NEW Quests ideas: :mrgreen: (the lost dog) (farmer Crawhill's problem) (widow of the web) (Dragon Slayer) (Elythara's quest line) (Fanamor) ... 1&start=10 (End Game Suggestion) (Mad Hoarder, collector's quest) Goblin Village
Quest to unite Prim and Blackwater

:mrgreen: Forum Related Suggestions:
Already suggested idea poll (Strike rejected ideas)
Google+ with party mode
Separate Sticky Sections
*New* Formalizing Idea Submissions
Auto limbo reported posts
Simplifying the suggestion
Text Style Poll (please help) ... 686#p23686

(still a work in progress, please be patient.) -Pyrizzle

Re: Links to Already suggested Ideas!

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2012 12:21 am
by Pyrizzle
Update Log:

05/26/12 -Pyro
05/28/12 -Pyro
06/03/12 -Pyro
07/03/12 -Pyro Happy almost 4th Everyone!
08/14/12 -Pyro (minor update, full one coming soon)
08/20/12-Pyro (Spell checked!)
08/31/12-Pyro (added blue for applied to game) Rejuvenation, High level skills for 'useless' skills, doppelgangers, Starting over but keeping L+E items, *New* Formalizing Idea Submissions
09/02/12 -Pyro (just a few today) Hunters guild collectors, Folk lore,
09/14/12-Pyro (back from vacation, time to work!) Of mice and men, Duel weilding, attack styles, auto limbo reported posts, simplifying suggestions, Move the -Create New Savegame Slot- button?, Combat Map Movement/Parry/Flanking
09/15/12 -Pyro Weapon specialization, multi layered maps,
09/23/12 -Pyro Quest idea - Expiring Item, Quick slots improvement, Food for thought, More intelegent monsters
09/30/12-Pyro New Skill: Cartography, Item suggestion- Spiked armor/Thornmail, Confirmation when applying level bonus, Sword of Parry & War Shield, Helmet of Grinding, text style poll
10/07/12 -Pyro Quest to unite BWMS and Primm, Goblin Village, Hunger,
10/09/12 -Pyro High Level Skill - sidestep, BUSTED! [Bonemeal is forbidden] Brainstorm, Uses for usless items, Day and Night,
11/17/12 -Pyro Revise quick learner, Suggested change for Rusted iron sword, Altering stats for Rare /boss drops, Movement: Keeping character center of screen, stats screen, Quickstrike Dagger - Overpowered?, Quest to unite Prim & Blackwater, New skill: translation, Unarmed skills, Search is Gold!, random item generator, Rotting corpse (turn off NPC dialog),


Re: Links to Already suggested Ideas!

Posted: Wed Sep 05, 2012 6:24 pm
by nyktos
i have used this a few times in the past couple of days,
and i really wanted to say thanks, again, Brother!


it must have been a headache compiling,
but it's been very useful!


Go Pyro!


Re: Links to Already suggested Ideas!

Posted: Wed Sep 05, 2012 10:42 pm
by Pyrizzle
At first i was wondering, "who on earth just commented on this locked thread?"


Glad you are finding this helpful!


going to try to get it back to 100% up to date before i leave for vacation. Phydeaux here i come! :lol: