basic sound effects and smoother movement

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basic sound effects and smoother movement

Post by nerdmaster » Wed Aug 29, 2012 8:56 pm

First of all i would like to say hello to everyone here on this forum.
Also sorry for any grammar mistakes as English is not my fist language.

I have played the game and i have to say that everyone that contributed to its development has done a great job!
Developers should be proud.
Gameplay is addicting and there are many options given to the player that make it unique.

So I would like to suggest 3 things that shouldn't be hard to implement but could improve the game a lot.


First I would like adding a few very simple sound effects.

Some sound that could be added are
1)button clicks
2)item drop sound
3)menu opening sound
4)collecting item sound
5)succesfull save sound
6)equiping item sound (different for each type of item)

Later on it would be very interesting to add a few damage sounds

I really believe sound effects are important because they make the game much more impressive and "alive" (i dont know how to express this in a different way)

As for the size problem all those sound effects even in wav format shouldnt be more than 2 MB in total. In mp3 format they would be less than 1 MB so size is not an issue.
As for finding suitable free sound effects there are several websites that host tons of nice sound effects that are completely free to use and already categorized so its easy to find what you are looking for.


Secondly I thing that its is important to make player and other object movement smooth if possible. (Does the game engine has this abillity already?)

If this is done it would be easier to track monsters and moving your character while constantly looking at your phone wont make you kind of dizzy after a while.


Thirdly I would like maps to be able to be altered when a quest is finished or an event happens. This can really improve storyline and gameplay. (I think this can already be done if not it would be impossible to enter prim mine because of the map)
For now blocking a path that can later be crossed is done by npcs. But it should also be doable by a rock or a tree.
If this is implemented there can be some nice additions to the game like getting workers on a quest to open the path to prim that has collapsed or oppening the sealed gate from the abadoned cabin or being able to cross the river through a bridge later on after finishing some quests that is under construction.

(PS: sorry if those things have been suggested before but i searched and only found suggestions related to skills gameplay in combat and quests)
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Re: basic sound effects and smoother movement

Post by Sarumar » Wed Aug 29, 2012 9:31 pm

Welcom on the board Nerdmaster

Nice ideas, really good first post. I hope that we will hear more about your ideas soon...

...About of your skill of english, I will sell my soul for those kind skill level of expressing my thought in foreing language ;)

Happy journey
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Re: basic sound effects and smoother movement

Post by Taledus » Wed Aug 29, 2012 10:41 pm

+1 on the welcome to the boards, nerdmaster!

1). Sound effects would be a great addition to the game. Initially the idea was determined to be rejected, but I believe that I saw a post the other day while going through the forums about a difference stance on this. I would say it is possible that some time in the future there might be talks about adding sounds, but I don't think it will happen for some time.

2). Choppy movement is an effect of how the engine is currently programmed. I was going to address this in an up coming post regarding more specifics for the engine development. I'm not a java programmer though so I wouldn't be able to say exactly why the sprite move like that, but it is something that I would second requires some attention at a later time.

3). The current "world" is unfinished and new areas are probably going to open up on the next update from what I have gathered. But I do believe that events are already available on the game, but nothing is really being used at this time as other sections of the game have more attention than others.

As for y'alls english skills, you guys have nothing to worry about ;)

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Re: basic sound effects and smoother movement

Post by nether » Thu Aug 30, 2012 1:22 am

grammar mistakes? Your golden buddy, welcome to the forums!

I don't think I would want attack sounds personally. If you've gotten to the stage in the game (which happens fairly early) when you turn on combat speed to instant, or whatever its called, attacks go very fast.... and I think that would just be annoying for me. An option to turn game sounds off would definitely be needed for people who aren't interested. Good idea with sounds though.

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