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Mark Howard
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Kings Jester

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I mentioned this briefly in another thread, but how do you like the idea on including a court jester in one of the new towns? Lord Poppycock anyone? A jester was an entertainer for courts or kings. They were common in medieval periods. They were noted for wearing funny costumes, with an amusing hat with bells. They also had a mock scepter. You could get very creative with a jester or joker, as some we're called. Maybe use some really bad jokes! Some of his gear could be VERY special, and he may reward players with a special item (or amusing clothing as one person said he wanted to see more options for) after completing a quest.

Also a court jester may be friends with a 'traveling minstrel', who may pop up in the world of AT in different locations and seem to be a friend (or an enemy in disguise) with pertinent information. He may sing silly songs with cryptic clues to aid in finding Andor's brother. :roll:
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Re: Kings Jester

Post by rijackson741 »

Could be good in Feygard :) That is such a big project though :(
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Re: Kings Jester

Post by Nut »

Hey, I like this idea much. Such NPCs are important, I think. Not necessarily for the story or quests, but for atmosphere 8-)
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Re: Kings Jester

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rijackson741 wrote:
Wed Feb 20, 2019 2:53 am
Could be good in Feygard :) That is such a big project though :(
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