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We need a more interesting weapon thing

Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 3:51 pm
by Capeditiea
minimal levels for certain weapons.

but all these weapons will be new.

An example would be like.

Profound Dagger of Doom (i am horrible with coming up with names.)
Min. Level to equip: 45
Min. Base AC to Equip: 150
Attack Cost: 4
AD +3-5
AC: +35
BC: -20
CSL: 100
CC: 3.0
20% chance of inflicting Doom

(Doom would cause...
-2 max AP
+1 Attack Cost.
and a random status ailment.)



Ultimate Two Handed Axe of Doom! (with exclaimation point for a reason.)
Min. Level: 300
Min. AD: 50
Attack Cost: 10
AC: -50
AD: +0-100
BC: +50
20% chance of inflicting Doom

and one more.

Bright Shield of Doom!
min. level: 35
min. BC: 200
AC: -40
BC: +80
DR: +7
10% of inflicting Doom when hit. (or something.)

:3 spread out more ideas. because mine are only examples.

now this thought was combined with a recent epiphany and noticing certain skill points have a similar method. so the devs may have a few simple additions to the coding for some weapons.

But with a mininum level this could portray some significant increase of additions and subtractions for various weapons. (but start with only weapons.)

another real life thing would be like when you first are learning a new art, like weapons. you don't wanna start with some really insane weapon thing because one can get hurt. it sorta grants two things, a new goal to grind and this way they don't always have to use the same weapon through out the game.

Ballet Instructers don't immediately give away ballet shoes, the dancer must earn them. Same goes for certain schools of weapons, where they start out training with wooden swords then dulled swords then sharp swords.

Which the min. levels should be balanced with the benefits of the weapon.

Also, i think since Nor City is pretty much a vastly populated city, some of the weapon ideas shall be sold there. To introduce them to these minimal level weapons. which would be sold at a fairly high price of around 10k gold or so.

Re: We need a more interesting weapon thing

Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 12:06 am
by T-rex2298
I kinda like the idea of a minimal rank (only on shop bought items I'm assuming), and I wouldnt mind having something that reduces or cancels enemy damage resistance. That way high BC and low AC and AD would be a more viable build.

Re: We need a more interesting weapon thing

Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 12:38 am
by rijackson741
AT is meant to be a non-linear game. You can equip any item you like, at any time. If you can get to it :evil: . The minimum level for an item is already set that way, it's just a soft minimum rather than a hard minimum.

Re: We need a more interesting weapon thing

Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 11:55 am
by Antison
No offense, but I HATE this idea of minimum level requirements. Non-linear is best. If you have the skills and the luck to get to a weapon you should be able to acquire it and equip it.

Re: We need a more interesting weapon thing

Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 4:16 pm
by Capeditiea
but note that it is sold not found. So you can always plan your build accordingly, it would serve as a guidance for the build. Not that it would be found. I would hate finding a min. level item drop, personally. This would only serve as an additional option for players to obtain, for whom would want it.

Since Nor City would be close by the starting point of the game, you can simply put these weapons in the back of your mind to focus on what you want to obtain.

A lot of folk have issues with grinding, so why not give them more incentive?

This way, newer players who have no idea which direction to go, will inevitably go to Nor City more soon, nceit comes. (since it is mentioned early on.)

By no means would they have to buy the weapons, unless they really want the benefits.

-_- people tend to forget that even non-linear games require some kind of goal to keep playing.

I mean currently, we have
JoF as a temporary replacement for the Marrowtaint. (soft minimal requirement.) (you still have to earn enough to obtain this, for one less Attack Cost. Which the Marrowtaint require one to have a quest be completed. (another soft minimal requirement)

So would it be more sensable to have these kind of items as a quest prize?

Then there are several items that require a bunch of grinding, for it can cause one the double their level from which they started (or similar amount... depending on their level.) to obtain all the items. (read this carefully, i cannot word it differently, but it makes sense,)

so with this and several trips back and forth along with many other requirements. Consider it as a goal for players to have a loose guide as to the build they would like to have.
again, these weapons would only serve as a temptation just like every other item that has a soft requirement.