Game music and sound effects

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Game music and sound effects

Post by Aulrad »

Would it be more enjoyable it AT has music and sounds?×

Like you enjoy those sounds of dying aklebiters while grinding?
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Re: Game music and sound effects

Post by Antison »

This topic has come up many times in the past and shot down each time as you would balloon the size of the download and would be a lot of work for minimal gain. I for one are against it as every game that has sound I shut it off. AT should be able to be played discreetly in public.
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Re: Game music and sound effects

Post by Zukero »

It is a very frequent complaint on Google play reviews. Music for a game is hard to do and expensive. I'm not fundamentally against it, but it's got to be a good soundtrack, with an open license, and technically easy to integrate (loopable, fades well to other tracks)...
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Re: Game music and sound effects

Post by Tomcat »

Could the music track be distributed as a set of files from a link that the user can choose whether to download separately? If they're absent from the resources folder, the program could just continue on without them, as now.
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