Debuggable APK, Cooked Meat Quest

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Debuggable APK, Cooked Meat Quest

Post by ChefWes »

Hello forum members!
I've been playing this game since I was young, and I'd like to tinker around with the code and experiment with skill changes.

I've also been thinking about creating a repeatable quest- like the Rat Tails one- for obtaining cooked meat. You get meat, and the chargriller is stuck in a haunted forest. You have to kill these powerful bewitched trees to get the wood he needs for the cooked meat. The rare but incredibly annoying Food Poisoning condition is a hassle. With this quest, you get XP, gold, and a source of healing items all in one. That's the idea right now.

Problem is, I can't make any changes.
I use Android Studio. I've tried pulling from Github and importing from a ZIP file (also from Github) but being unable to create an APK or run it at all.
I've resorted to using the Profile/Debug APK option- it'll run, but the files are read-only. I'm unable to make changes.

How can I get a debuggable apk that I can modify and work with?


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Re: Debuggable APK, Cooked Meat Quest

Post by rijackson741 »

Until we make some changes to the sources you can't use the latest version of AS. Use this one: ... s.exe?dl=0. Also, where are you pulling the sources from?
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Re: Debuggable APK, Cooked Meat Quest

Post by Gonk »

See this post on how to setup AS. You can also PM me if you need more assistance:

If you want to start creating content then I suggest using our content studio. One download and you can start creating the meat quest. See


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Re: Debuggable APK, Cooked Meat Quest

Post by Zukero »

The master branch can be built with AS2.x, not AS3+
You can try the AS3_migration branch, but it's a bit old, and unfinished.
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