New enemies and location

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New enemies and location

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Good to start I would have to be in the future not now, you could add new enemies from the insect type as scorpions, and even giant cheaps or a mission for "exterminas" would be cool. I also had an idea that would be a nice cave or better an old ruin that would be ancient ruin that would be randomly raised, with eneries generated rather than infermies, and eccreneously in each lower level, and every 10 levels would have a boss to you defeat that it would have a random type sword type sword armor etc. But a minimum chance of getting a legendary item. And who would have a random enemies too, I've seen a game focused on it with the same "engine" "code" I do not know the name but equal to Andor's Trail.👏👍 Thank you for creating this game you are too much.

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Re: New enemies and location

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I like the idea with the random dungeon. See also viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4404

Currently I am working on it and a first prototype is almost finished. We will have to see how it feels and if and how it fits in the AT world.

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