Unarmed specialization idea

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Unarmed specialization idea

Post by Kemika »

Since one can do two-handed, sword and door(shield) and two weapons this might be an idea to put in for us who are silly enough to go "monk style".
And I want to say "I know Kung Fu" as the character :p
Maybe have it add 10bc, 10ac and give 1.5% critdmg or something like that.
Also, thanks for a wonderful game!

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Re: Unarmed specialization idea

Post by Antison »

Thanks Kemika for your suggestions. We have been actively discussing enhancements to unarmed.
I think you will be happy with what we come up with.
we would love to hear some more of your suggestions

By the way...
there is a unarmed skill available when you complete the charwood quest and it's very similar to what you're asking for.
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