ticker replacing Android message box

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ticker replacing Android message box

Post by Usirim »

Since the message box causes crashes on some devices - and I never liked liked this message box btw - what about a ticker running for 2x1s showing the icons all freshly found items, the icon for money (evtl. even the amount) and maybe the xp? If within the 2 sec new items were collected, then the ticker is updated. All information which is older than 2s will be deleted from the ticker.

Maybe money and xp shold be reserved for the dialog box and the vanish time reduced to one second...?

Ah, the ticker could be placed left from the actor condition...
could even be used with the same refresh code?
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Re: ticker replacing Android message box

Post by Lacrom »

I like this idea, particularly when grinding L/Ex items (you can farm quicker without having to close the loot dialog box, or to check in your inventory). However, this might overload the screen, no ? too many different items, so too many tickers... its placement is IMO a major pb, because if you put this ticker left of actor conditions, then it would be at the same place than the quickslots (which are much more useful)
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Re: ticker replacing Android message box

Post by Tomcat »

I agree that room for it in the interface is a big drawback.
And making the icons smaller to fit better would mean coming up with either a lot of extra pixel art if specific to the item or only a few but relatively uninformative icons for broad categories.
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