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Re: Libraries

Post by eddibrown »

The map is kinda useful. I'd like to use it more but cant not really see a lot xd

Right now i try to go to all locations and the only information i've is "blackwater_mountain52". So how to find this one if i can't see the number of map of those i visited already? It would be easier to track if i see "blackwater_mountain50" "blackwater_mountain51" and then i know where to look for :)
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Re: Libraries

Post by Tomcat »

I didn't write it (Nut did) but the script was perhaps originally intended more for debugging, I think, since the players don't have access to these map names, which are just the filenames in the code. Sometimes the filenames are descriptive enough to get the general idea, but they were never meant to be identifiable by anyone who wasn't looking at the code. But over the years, there have been plenty of code geeks who were happy to download the code and find them by name.
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Re: Libraries

Post by Grim Reaper »

idea is great, i would mark it for post endgame!
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