Some non-game changing ideas

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Re: Some non-game changing ideas

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QQkp wrote: Sat Aug 29, 2020 11:01 pm I've been thinking about #4 - there's a sort of snag here that I'm worried about. In some cases, enemies that appear indistinguishable to the player are distinct in the code.

For example (spoilers: Stoutford):
In the Stoutford castle there is an enemy called "Erwyn's soldier". When you initiate combat with them, there are 3 possible dialogs:

"What do I seee? A mortal? Your bonesss shall be clattering on the ground soon enoughhh!" -> "How about you show me what that would look like?"
"Ah, your ssskull will be my favorite cup!" -> "Yes, but I also like it very much. So I'd rather keep it."
"Bonesss! Niccce little bonesss!!" -> "But not for you, sorry."

It turns out that in the game data, these are actually 3 different NPC types (erwyn_soldier, erwyn_soldier2, erwyn_soldier3 in monsterlist_stoutford_combined) with identical stats and identical name, but a different dialog.

Lord Erwyn himself is also implemented as 2 different enemies - one that reincarnates if you fight him before you get Tahalendor's coins, and one that dies permanently after you get Tahalendor's coins. The same is true for the guards at the deserter camp just north of Stoutford.
There may be other cases of this, but I'm not aware of them offhand.
There are indeed other cases of this. It's necessary for the game play. However, such NPCs either can't be engaged in battle, or are unique, so you can either kill none of them, or only one.
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