My unsolicited and probably poorly thought out idea for how the game 'ends'

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My unsolicited and probably poorly thought out idea for how the game 'ends'

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I've just finished the main quests (maybe...) available with my third character. This game is incredible. Here are my uninformed thoughts on a possible way i'd like to see the game conclude.

After adding Feyguard & Nor City:
Lodor or Unkorh essentially point you in the direction of Nor City to find Andor. In Nor City you learn that whilst there is such a thing as pure ‘evil’ (in the form of the monsters and demons you have met) there is no pure ‘good’. The Shadow has two sides, dark and light, but even these are not purely so. The Shadow does watch over, but is more a life force that flows through the living beings of the realm and is the reason for the many magical monsters that spawn across the land. It is essentially chaotic good.

Feyguard know this, and are bent on domination of the realm. By destroying the Shadow’s influence, the monsters will be unable to spawn at as fast a rate and Feyguard will be able to expand their control across the whole realm. They are in effect lawful neutral/evil. This is foreshadowed by the woodcutters clearing the area west of the crossroads guard tower and their banning of bonemeal, as it encompasses the power of the shadow and binds those that use it to the shadow.

In Nor City
A series of quests in Nor City expands your knowledge of the Shadow and Feyguard's intentions, your choice becomes clear; order and control under an authoritarian Feyguard, or freedom and ‘chaos’ under the Shadow.

The high priests in Nor City tell you that the Seygul (as foreshadowed by the hideout near Charwood) are a dark shadow order, they have been twisted by their hatred of Feyguard and belief in the Shadow towards a darker path, chaotic evil. Andor has become part of this order and is being held in a dungeon under Feyguard as he was caught working with them against Feyguard. You are sent to kill him by the high priests of Nor City. However another priest, tells you that Andor was working for him against the Seygul. You are not sure what to think as you make the long journey to Feygaurd.

On arriving in Feyguard
Through a series of quests, you are allowed to speak to your brother in the dungeon, he tells you that he was a double agent, working for a high priest to undermine the Seygul, but he went too deep under cover and started to believe their way of thinking. It is too late for the Seygul, as you have killed the Hira’zinn.

You can (A) kill Andor, to punish him for what he done (poison Loneford's well, Stoutford monster, summon the Hira’zinn) and then carry out Feyguard's final request; the destruction of the Shadow Shrine in Nor City… or (B), you can rescue him.

If you destroy the shadow shrine in Nor City and the grand wizard who protects it, Feygaurd win (A) as the Shadows' influence is reduced. Monsters stop spawning across the realm. You return to Feyguard to be rewarded with great riches and a house in the city (similar to Vacors’ hideaway).

Returning to Mikhail to complete 'Search for Andor'
If A, when returning to Mikhail, you can tell him the 'truth', that you had to kill Andor as he had turned evil, or lie and say that he is living peacefully in Nor City as a monk. The game 'ends'.

If B and you choose to rescue Andor you must kill Feyguard’s highest Lord and then rescue Andor, bringing him home to Mikhail fighting guards along the way. Mikhail thanks you and encourages you to rest. When you wake he sends you out to kill rats again.

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