Here are some really useful ideas for the game!

Unstructured ideas, requests and suggestions for the development of the game.
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Here are some really useful ideas for the game!

Post by Pero »

I suggest adding to the game: speed training, "full mode", a new image of the hero, highlighting the correct answers in the game (required to complete quests), adding full content in version 1.0. "Full mode" is an endless experience and gold, and I suggest adding a faster workout to this mode, because when you train it is very long, so I suggest in this mode to speed up the player's training by adding a menu when training "how much you want to train" ... (Strength, block, etc.) and indicate the number, and this is the end of my ideas. ;)

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Re: Here are some really useful ideas for the game!

Post by rijackson741 »

Hello Pero, and welcome to the forums.

I confess, it is not quite clear to me what you are asking for :?
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Re: Here are some really useful ideas for the game!

Post by Nut »

Thx for the ideas. I am not sure if I get them all, but let me give some comments.

Full mode with endless xp and gold will never be. Simply because it's boring. It would be like eating only cake and never anything else.
I could imagine an Easy mode where you'd get more (double?) xp for each action. But not endless.

About the image, you could choose between 3 images at start of the game. Or do you think of something else?

Full content in version 1.0 - sure, that's the goal. Until it will be reached, we publish incomplete versions like now.
I am sure you prefer to have the game like it is now, better than have the complete game in years to come.
Development is done completely in our spare time and for free, so it takes longer than commercial games might need.

And highlighting the correct path won't be possible, because in most cases there is no correct path. It is an open world with many different decisions which will lead on. And even if it'd be possible, it would be boring.
Maybe you could try the YouTube letsplays, perhaps this would be more to your liking?
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