Google Play Store Cloud & Achievements

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Google Play Store Cloud & Achievements

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I am not sure how does google play store work and how possible would it be, but it would be great if game was in google plays accounts cloud system. Another great thing would be google play achievements which would reward you in game with exp/items as well, tho it would be hard to coordinate in-game rewards... maybe each hero has his own achievent quest line, but only first play trought rewards with google play experience as well...
  • [RoL] Rapier of lifesteal (X2)
  • [RoLS] Ring of lesser Shadow
  • [RoFLS] Ring of far lesser Shadow
  • [HoF] Helm of Foreseeing
  • [Sh] Serpant's hauberk
  • [M] Marrowtaint
  • [BoG] Boots of the Globetrotter
  • Troublemaker's gloves
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Re: Google Play Store Cloud & Achievements

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AT will never tie in to Google Play because it is by design a game that remains unaware of any network. That also means that it can't have any ads, so that's the positive in that tradeoff.
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