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Post by dedonoceu »

I was thinking... Wouldnt it be fair (or more Fair (?)) if when fighting against more than 1 mob the exp/gp reward multiplied a little? Like, i dont know, but i tought about 125% per Monster, something like:
1 Monster = 1x reward
2 ... = 1,25 reward
3 = 1,25²
4 = 1,25³
I mean, It would be rewarding the increase in dificulty, would be more satisfying and even encouraging somehow to fight more than 1 mob at once.

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Re: Exp

Post by Tomcat »

Interesting thought. You'd have to define what to do about mobs that move into place in the middle of battle. Perhaps to keep it simple, for each kill you'd get a multi-mob bonus based on how many you're facing at the moment of the kill.
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Re: Exp

Post by CKork »

I like it as well. Maybe just count the number of kills per battle. Think of it like a combo chain bonus.

That`d make Hirathil cave and the graveyard even more interesting places to grind.
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Re: Exp

Post by Grim Reaper »

CKork wrote:
Wed Jun 10, 2020 3:06 am
That`d make Hirathil cave and the graveyard even more interesting places to grind.
By gravyard are you reffering to map under chest quest? if so, good luck farming there, u will need it. as level 35+ i had issues with dealing more than 1 of them at same time. I am not sure that you can spawn mobs there after you kill the duke, at least i did not try checking...

But idea indeed is interesting.
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Re: Exp

Post by rijackson741 »

Keeping track of how many monsters are around you for every kill would be a lot of overhead, and bear in mind that they may not all be of the same type. The XP calculation for monsters also does not take into account the conditions they can inflict. The XP you get for finishing a particular quest in a given way is also kind of arbitrary, in the sense that it's whatever the author decided at the time. So XP is not an exact science.
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