World History {my version}

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World History {my version}

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The land of {Sina} {year 3072}
Far across the sea from the dhayavar land, there is a land called {Sina}, There are various races even godly being live there, all of the races is united by the godly being, it was Elythara goddess of light, and {Seraph} the god of shadow, all of the races in sina have their greatest respect for the two gods, and worship them.

The war of {Sina} {year 2599}
The united races of {Sina} eventually divided to several tribes, even the two gods eventually blame each other, Elythara blame {Seraph} for his strict rule that make the people uncomfotable, on the other hand, {Seraph} blame Elythara for her so called freedom that make the people do whatever they want, in the end the two god fight each other with their own followers for centuries of bloodshed.

Last fight, Escape {year 2318}
Elythara have win، with her power, she send {Seraph} to the underworld with some of his most powerfull followers the kazaul, the remaining followers of {Seraph} escape to the sea guided by the wind to the north, after some month of hopeless sail, there they found new hope, the land of dhayavar.

Foundation of forgotten kingdom (2300)
The first intelligent humanoid races, came from {Sina} the remaining of the shadow followers established the Forgotten Kingdom, these people, called the ancient because their name cannot be pronounced by the humans now, they called themself {sasakialang}, they built settlement in Places where now great cities are located. Nor city <A Japanese styled place i hope> and sullengard <A Arabian styled place i hope> were the first to be founded.
Then some time later, they send some explorers to search for mountain galmore the highest mountain in dhayavar, for any resources they may found, due to the elevation and marvelous view, their priest and mage built a sanctuary near the summit to studied art of magic and worship their god in hope if there is a way to rescue their god {Seraph} from the underworld.

The corrupted Kazaul (year 2177)
A genius and powerful wizard called {Valugha} finally created a spell to connect the earthen plane with the underworld, simply called the {Rift} because the lack of inspiration, but the risk was high, it may cause lots of creature from underworld get released to dhayavar, but because they long long waiting, they risk it and with 100 mage and priest circling the mountain, they create a portal that split the mountain and cause a huge explosion of hot air, lava, boulder and devastated the area around it {Undertell}.
Just like they expected, demon, undead, monster, emerged from the portal with the Kazaul as the leader, at first all of the mage and priest that have panicked, stop and relieved, seeing the most elite powerful mage of the shadow, but there is something wrong they can feel it, the Kazaul.....
Is corrupted.
Even though you can't age in the underworld, but still the time is moving and they realized that the time in another plane must be moving faster than in the earthen plane, for the Kazaul, it must be at least 10.000 year in the underworld, the Kazaul already forget about their own kind, but still worship the shadow, and in the opinion of Kazaul, {Sasakialang} people are just Impersonator and must be destroyed, war is inevitable, the {Sasakialang} people are outnumbered and soon defeated, but one of the mage have succesfully sabotage the portal and destroyed it, when the Kazaul is preparing for the shadow to come, in fear if the god is corrupted to, still there is no one who can defeat the Kazaul, almost all of skilled mage has been slain during the war, few become slave or rotten in jail.
The {Sasakialang} that become slave build an underground lairs for the Kazaul, large city was built around the destroyed portal, and natural cave Mt. Galmore, Carn tower, and sanctuary in Blackwater mountain were built, and other countless Kazaul settlement.
The mage and priest that still live, some of it believe that some Kazaul is still have their humanity and memory, and become kha'zaan(Kazaul cultist), Kazaul followers learned and teached magic by their Kazaul master.
Often used as Kazaul law enforcer. They also do experiment and create monster during the era, such as izthiels, gornauds, wyrms, etc.
By that time, the Hira'zinn, the omen of war, plaguing the smallfolk

Elythara fear and Kingdom of Freedom (year 1537)
Elythara feel the feeling of fear, she know that {Seraph} is almost reached the earthen plane, with her followers she prepare a whole of her army to journey to the north, to the land of dhayavar, with all of her army, Elythara has defeated the Kazaul, and Elythara herself return to the land of {Sina}.

The rest is same as the original world history

I hope my story is used, if not, just think of this as spinoff :D

Also if you have suggestion for the name please tell me.

And maybe we can discussing about the world history here. ;)
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