Special Dungeons

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Special Dungeons

Post by ZeaL »

thanks for this wonderful game :D i just want to suggest something like special dungeons. a very challenging dungeons (save disable inside) with different difficulties and some dungeon have restriction like limited potions or gears. short to full long dungeon run depends on the difficulty. new enemies and bosses with a low chance drop rate like 1-10%, maybe legend or set item? or special boss trophy (1% drop rate) with special character customization like auras or something (or add trophy cabinet :lol: ). some items only drop once. the dungeon reset (enemies and boss) after you 'do a rest' so we can re-run it. i just wanna do and try something else than exp grinding. so we can also try our characters abilities and strength :) thank you.
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Re: Special Dungeons

Post by rijackson741 »

Hello ZeaL, and welcome to the forums.

Thanks for your suggestion, but it does not fit well with the way the game engine is constructed.
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