How not to lose Lifetaker[SPOILER]

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Re: How not to lose Lifetaker[SPOILER]

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Elytra wrote: Mon Sep 14, 2020 11:47 pm Lifetaker is a 4AP cost weapon that you can obtain while doing the Mine for the Taking quest and you'll have to give to Hagale or kill him but for me I don't want to kill him.
1.Sell the sword to Lowyna(don't sleep after you sold it).

2.Talk to Hagale and tell him you sold it.

3.Give him 1000 Gold.

4.Buy the sword again to Lowyna.

And done you completed the quest without killing him and without losing the Lifetaker.

Or you could just press the leave when he said let's fight.
I just curious how much you buy it from Lowyna? I think there is other way that much less risk and cheap.
Before met Hagale just drop the sword near you and then you talk to Hagale. He only ask you for money and you don't need to kill him. I did it for my 2 character
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Re: How not to lose Lifetaker[SPOILER]

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I think its 5189 Gold
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