Inventory management

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Inventory management

Post by Soullessktty »

Is it possible to have better inventory management? The current sorting helps a bit but can be better.

What I think would be better is having multiple tabs in inventory, and each tabs shows different categories such as helms, armors, gloves, boots, necks, rings, pots, food, quest items, ingredients, miscs, etc.

It helps as well if shops are done this way. Also, have options to sell several different kinds of items all at once when shopping, like checkboxes for multiple items. For buying, it is best to buy one kind of item at a time to avoid buying wrong stuff.
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Re: Inventory management

Post by Osho »

I think the inventory in its current form is fine. AT doesn't have a big amount of items in the game world to include more sortings according to different slots of characters worn equipment. I have rarely used other sortings under the inventory other than food.
Also, I don't carry unwanted stuff and store them into the storage facilities. My inventory only has food and weapons.
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